Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Meanwhile on the other side of town

A lot of my efforts on the Musashi-Koyama module set over the past few years have been in the center and right end areas.    It's time to turn some attention to the other end.  Since 2011 I have had a number of buildings on the Musashi-Koyama module set that would be set in place for a show then put away in a box afterward.  I have decided it was time to start mounting these buildings on the module for an easier setup.  Also some of them are rather un-decorated so some painting and detailing would also be in order.

The first building I am going to work on is this one that I picked up for a couple of bucks at a train show years ago.  It is European looking but I thought it could be made to fit in on the module.

This photo shows how I created a way to mount it on the module so it could be removed later.  This view also shows a side where the first floor would make a great spot for a Japanese convenience store but for now I am going to use the other side.

For years I have been mistakenly calling this building the "Faller building" but have now discovered from the writing under the roof that it is actually Vollmer model # 7721.
This is how the building now looks after a bit of touching up.  The advertising poster covers up a scar the original model had.

Some vending machines were made up from some stickers I had from various kits.  I do plan to add quite a few vending machines through the module and will feature that in detail in a future post.

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