Classic Green Max Boxes

Just a little sad to see the classic Green Max boxes going away.  I've built several Green Max kits over the years that had come in the boxes with the comic book like illustration on the front and the instructions on the back.  I still have the boxes so I've scanned each of them to present them here as a little collection.  Updated March 2018

Green Max kit # 25

The electrical sub station was the first Green Max kit I assembled back in the early 1990's to use on one of Peninsula Ntrak's club modules.  I recall I picked it up at at a local train show.

Green Max kit # 44

This set of two 3 story apartment buildings has been a favorite of kit bashers for years.   I built mine originally for my T-Trak modules but moved them to the Musashi-Koyama modules.

Green Max kit # 45 

Had these kits for a long time but finally got around to finishing some of them in 2017 and posted about it in Starting the grade crossing scene.

Green Max kit # 47-7

The walls and gates set.  Anyone doing Japanese modeling needs to have one of these in their stash of kits.  I've used up about half the parts in mine on various projects.

Green Max kit # 27

This kit was really fun and is a close match to so many small stations I've seen in Japan.  I built this kit in early 2013 for my Hot Springs Junction Ntrak module presented in this series of posts.

Green Max kit # 17

This kit is used on the Hot Springs Junction Ntrak module as a companion to the station kit in this series of posts.

Green Max kit # 47-5

This kit is full of bridges, bridge abutments, support columns, tetra-pods, even a small boat.  Like the walls and gates set, this is one that will get used in lots of places.

Green Max kit # 14-2

When I get back to finishing the Hot Springs Junction Ntrak module, I will be adding some tunnels so I picked up a set.  These now come in a hanging bag and and the new part number is 2116.

Green Max kit # 48-3

Not much to assemble with this tetra-pod set.  Just cut them off the spues, clean up any flash, airbrush a concrete color, and maybe some weathering.  These are a must for any coastal scene.

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