Friday, August 7, 2015

The JR Nikko line

In my previous post which was now almost a month ago I mentioned taking the Shinkansen on the way to Nikko.  When we arrived in Utsunomiya we made a connection to the JR Nikko line to complete the trip to Nikko.  This is a very short line of only 40 km and serving 7 stations within Tochigi prefecture.

Since 2013 the trains running on this line are 4 unit sets of the 205 series.

At one time the 205 series were very common in Tokyo but have been steadily replaced by newer models.  This photo was taken at Utsunomiya station.

The Nikko station has one of the old foot bridges similar to the one I built from a Greenmax kit for my Hot Springs Junction module.

Here is a look up one of the stairways of the foot bridge.  These type of bridges used to be more common then they are now and I don't see them much around the Tokyo area any more as things have been rebuilt and modernized.

Tobu has it's own line called the Tobu Nikko line that connects to central Tokyo with a transfer.  The Tobu Nikko station is very close to the JR Nikko station.  At the end of the JR platform the Tobu line passes over the JR line.  This 2 unit Tobu train is approaching the Tobu Nikko station.