Thursday, November 21, 2013

The railroads of Musashi-Koyama

During our visit to Japan in 2011 I started to notice that the trains of other railroads besides Tokyu were running on the Tokyu Meguro line.  The reason was that after the Tokyu Meguro line had become a subway at the Meguro end of the line, it was connected to the Tokyo Metro Nambaku line.  The other end of the Tokyo Metro Namboku line is also connected to the Saitama Railway.  Many of the trains provide through service on all three of those lines making it more convenient for passengers.   There is also through service going onto the Toei  Mita line.

A passenger waiting on the platform at Musashi-Koyama may see trains with any of the logos shown below on them.  From left to right - Tokyo Metro, Saitama Railway, Tokyu, and Toei.