Friday, March 25, 2011

Scratch built apartment building

There was a need for an apartment building in that cluster of buildings on the right end of the scene that would need to be scratch built.  I've always enjoyed DPM (Design Preservation Models) kits and wanted to try a similar technique to the building I needed.  As the apartments would be a repeating pattern I could make just a couple of masters and molds and then as many resin castings as needed for the structure.  A styrene box was made that the castings would be attached to.  In this case only one side of the building would be visible.

The two wall castings that are mirror images.   I used a mix of available N scale parts and scratch building techniques to create these two masters.  Then RTV rubber molds were made from these.

Here's a view of one of the castings that I made for this building along with the dimensions.  The visible part of the building needed 15 castings total, 5 like this one with the door on the right and 10 with the door on the left.

Here the castings have been glued to the box.  Balconies are added and railings made from Plastruct HO scale ladder stock.  The whole building has been given a base coat of paint.  This photo also appears in the October 11, 2010 post Attaching Buildings II.

This is a more recent look at this building after most of the details have been painted in.  Some people might find this hand painting of details to be tedious but I like it because it's something I can do just bit on when ever I have a few spare minutes.  All the balconies offer many detailing opportunities that will come in the future.

The location of this building on the module set is highlighted in violet on this map.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Module Progress Map

I have started a new page that is called the Module Progress Map.  I made a graphic map of the modules and divided it up into 14 scenes.  Each scene is color coded depending on how far it is completed.

  • RED = Under 25% complete
  • YELLOW = 25% to 75% complete
  • GREEN = Over 75% complete

As things progress I will add an updated map to the page.  Also, in some of the posts I will be showing the map with the area referenced in the post indicated.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Paint & weathering for the Station

With everything settled on the platform I have gone on to painting and weathering the scratch built station along with the 3 modified Kato covered stairways. 

Here's a view from the other side that shows the weathering applied to the roofs of the station, the stairways, and the platform awnings. 

Notice the fence and walkway leading away from the stairs.  This will be right along the front edge of the module.  There will be passengers walking along there a perhaps some food cart vendors.

These station signs on the platforms were made on the computer and printed on white decal paper.  They are attached to the existing sign boards that hang down from the platform awning.

At this point the station and platform areas are done except for adding details and of course populating them with passengers.