Sunday, October 26, 2014

Detailing the station scene

The last time I posted on this blog in mid September I was getting everything ready for a local show called Los Altos Train Days.   Both modules preformed well and everyone enjoyed our joint Peninsula Ntrak / AsiaNrail layout.  The operation of the AsiaNrail layout kept both Paul, myself, and our usual small crew of helpers very busy and I never did get a chance to take photos.  Again this year the show had nearly 3,000 visitors over 2 days.

Since then I've been turning more attention to construction of my home layout and my wife and I been doing a bit of traveling.

While I was finishing a few things on the Hot Springs Junction module back in September, I did get photos and will add a few new posts from those.  First up, the little scene around the station entrance.

In last June's post Finishing the stations scene - Part 1, I had attached the station with a couple of screws and needed to cover the real obvious one with some detail.

I considered the kiosk that came with the kit but decided that it would crowd the scene a bit.

TomyTec kit number 017 is one of their series of pre-painted little diorama kits.  This little food cart turned out to be just the thing to cover that screw.

I put two of the customers on stools at the cart counter and will use the table and benches at the Hot Springs Hotel.

The kiosk is a great little structure and I'm sure it will get used somewhere on one of my modules in the future.

This is how the station scene looked just prior to the Los Altos Train Days show.   The food cart fits nicely into the scene without crowding it.  Also added is one of the old 3 wheeled trucks that belongs to the food cart owner.

Here is a lower angle close up of the station entrance taken from the end of the module.  This module is supposed to be Showa era.   I think I have a bit of an era clash with the newer crown taxi so I'll be looking for an older style taxi.