Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Daiyuzan line

Another interesting short line that we rode this past summer was the Izu-Hakone Railway's Daiyuzan line.  This is a rather short line of  less than 10 km that stops at 9 stations between Odawara and Daiyuzan.

This photo shows the end of the line at Odawara

It's a single track line which splits around island platforms at a couple of the stations so opposing trains can pass.

The trains are 3 car 5000 series EMU's.

This is the entrance to the Izu-Hakone station in Odawara.  There are actually 5 adjoining stations in Odawara - JR Tokaido main line, Shinkansen, Odakyu, Hakone- Tozan, and Izu-Hakone.  I have always found Odawara to very active and great for train watching.

Between the 3rd and 4th station from Odawara the Odakyu Odawara line crosses over the Daiyuzan line as shown in this Google street view photo.

At another point the Daiyuzan line crosses over a river on a 3 section through girder bridge.

This is where the other end of the line at Daiyuzan which is less than 10 km down the line from Odawara.

Right next to the platform at Daiyuzan there is a maintenance shed with inspection pit.

With it's small size and features, The Daiyuzan line would make another great subject for a small layout.