Monday, June 10, 2013

A new larger train room

More than a month has passed since our return from New York.  I suppose because I had gotten into the building mode with the work I did on that trip,  I embarked on a project that I have been considering for some time.    The garage had been underutilized since we park our travel trailer that we bought a couple of years ago in front of it.  I've had my eye on making about half of the garage into a train room with the other half continuing to house the other functions that we have been using the garage for.

The finished train room will be about 21 ft x 10 ft.  This is almost double the size of the spare bedroom I am now using.  I will be starting a new around the walls american prototype layout with space to set up modules in the middle of the room.  The layout will be high enough to have space under the layout for separate work benches for Model building and for Electronics / DCC.  There will also be a proper spray booth that is vented to the outside.

This is where this project is right now.  The concrete floor was so uneven that I decided to build a raised sub floor.  The framing for the wall and ceiling is in.  It has been a few years since I had done a large build like this and was shocked by how much lumber prices have risen.

The hope is that by having the "clean" train room and the "dirty" workshop next to each other I will gain some efficiency over the way I am doing things now.  Also it will be nice not to have to bring the modules through the house each time they go to a show.