Monday, February 18, 2013

Building a TomyTec Hot Springs Hotel

Seems like I'm building most of the buildings for the Hot Springs Junction module before I really have the module ready but that's OK.  I've now moved on to starting the hotel which I plan to have toward the opposite end of the module from the station.  TomyTec offers 3 different Hot Springs hotel buildings in their extensive line of pre-painted kits.

The one I choose was No. 66 shown here. This is a great kit. Easy to put together, the instructions are clear, and like the Aoshima Apartments kit, everything is pre-painted. I built this kit without modification but may add a different foundation to it depending on exactly how it gets positioned on the module.

The sheet below came with the kit and shows the other buildings that are available along with a complete scene.  In my experience of sometimes having stayed at places like this, they are most often not close to a train station and are serviced by taxis or or buses and that is what is shown here.


  1. Hey Brad,

    This Blog is looking great, some really good info and Kits the Hot Springs Hotel is a very nice kit, with some lights and detail it will look very nice.

    I look forward to reading more of what your up too



  2. Thank you Alan,

    Your right, this model will look great with some lighting and I do plan to include that when I finish the scene on the module.

  3. I love TOMYTEC items. You can pop 'em on right out of the box and be good, or go in depth and detail them up for another look.
    I'm really digging your blog as well. Great info. I'm currently diving back into it. So much here.
    Grand work! ~M~

    1. Thanks Malcolm,

      I've only done a couple of the pre-painted TomyTec items but like them very much and will be getting more.