Sunday, February 10, 2013

Finishing the Green Max station

After adding the window glazing to the inside of the station building, the building and the outer walls got glued to the base.  Also a few figures were added to the scene.

I was happy with the results so far but was concerned that after the roof was put on the scene would be lost in the shadows so decided some lighting was needed.

I used 3 small surface mount LEDs to light the open areas under the station roof.  The inside of the station building is not lighted.  I used copper foil tape to create the contacts and built the whole assembly on the top of the ceiling before installing it.  The red and black 22 gauge were will go down through the building and module base.

So here is the finished station with the lights on.  Not too bright, just enough so the details show.  This station is now ready for the module.  Platforms will be needed and I am planning to scratch build or kit bash those to fit the space.

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