Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Installing TomyTec traffic signals

Another of the gift items I had received was a TomyTec set of traffic signals.  The set includes 8 poles with traffic signals and pedestrian walk / don't walk signals and 4 control boxes.   I noticed that the green lights on 4 of the poles are actually blue but don't know the meaning of that.

My three way intersection with three cross walks on the expansion module would need 3 sets of traffic lights and six pedestrian lights.

In this photo of the intersection I have placed labels showing the type, location, and direction of each signal needed.

P = Pedestrian
T = Traffic.

Because of the odd angle of my intersection I needed to change the angle of the pedestrian signal in reference to the traffic signal on two of the signal poles.  To do this I cut the pole in between the two signal heads and glued them back together at the angle needed with a polystyrene tube  for re-enforcement.  A third traffic signal pole was used without being modified.

The poles were repainted Floquil CN gray which was a close match to the original pole color then given a wash of  Model Master black acrylic weathering wash to bring out the details.  The set comes with a base for each signal pole.  I did not use the bases but found them handy to hold the poles while painting and weathering them.

Three of the poles were cut off between the signal heads to be used as a pole with pedestrian signal only poles.

To do a typical 4 way intersection it would take 4 of these plus 4 unmodified signal poles so a single kit with 8 poles could do it.

Here is a shot from a similar angle as the one with all the blue labels with all of the traffic signal poles installed.  All six signal poles and the control box are visible in this photo.  There is still much to be done on on this intersection scene but so far I am happy the results.


  1. The lights are blue because japanese traffic lights look blue (They are technically green, but very close to blue on the colour spectrum)

    1. Thanks for the info, I've always thought the older green lights looked a bit but the newer LED type seem more pure green.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Rod, this has been a fun project.

  3. Is the blue car making a left turn while a pedestrian is on the crosswalk, even in our model railroads laws are being broken. Maybe it's just a CA law and therefor this law won't apply since this is depiction of Tokyo. :) The intersection will the lights and road markings look great Brad! Will we see this module in September?

    1. Thank you. Yes, this new extension will be in the Sept. 17th and 18th layout in Los Altos.