About the modules

There are two different sets of modules that I feature in this blog.

The Musashi-Koyama modules are a pair of 36 inch x 18 inch modules that when put together  form a 72 inch x 18 inch scene.  They are built to the AsiaNrail standard and are designed to be used with Paul Ingraham's other AsiaNrail modules in four possible configurations:

  • Double ended, double track
  • Double ended, single track with 2nd station track as passing siding
  • Single ended from either end, double track
  • Single ended from either end, single track

Musashi-Koyama is the name of a station on the Tokyu Meguro line in Meguro Ku, Tokyo, Japan.  The area is home to one of the largest and best known covered shopping arcades in Japan and to Rinshinnomori Park.  The original surface rail line was replaced by a subway in 2006 and the old overhead station demolished.  The modules are intended to represent the area as it looked during the last years of the surface rail line.

The Hot Springs Junction module is a single 4 foot long Ntrak module.  It has the optional mountain division line with a junction to a line exiting the front of the module.  This line is a connection between the Ntrak mountain division and the AsiaNrail layout.  In this configuration the AsiaNrail layout is lowered to a height of 43 1/8 inches from it's normal 51 inches to match the height of the Ntrak mountain division.

Hot Springs Junction is a fictional place in the Japan Alps where the city people come on holiday.  They arrive at the small station and either walk to take a cab to the nearby inn where they enjoy the natural hot baths and the fine traditional Japanese food much of which is unique to that particular area of Japan.  Hiking and fishing are also popular in this area.