Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Finishing the station scene - Part 1

With the station, the foot bridge, and the platforms all completed, it was time to bring it all together and finish the scene around the station.  They would all need to be properly mounted to the module.

As there is wood under the station, I mounted it with a pair of small flat head wood screws counter sunk into the base of the station.  I may cover this screw with the kiosk structure shown here or some other detail.
The platform on the station side of the track was attached to the module with the clear E6000 adhesive.

Before mounting the station, the tracks were painted and ballasted. Also a bumper made from scraps of rail and brass strip was installed at the end of the stub track.

It is important for the two platforms to be equal in height and their tops parallel to each other for the foot bridge to sit correctly.  I used a straight scrap of wood to align them.  The terrain in the foreground had to be built up a bit to support the 2nd platform..

Here the foot bridge is temporarily set in place on the platforms and a pair of rail cars set on the tracks to double check alignment of the platforms.

While there is still more to do to fully finish this scene, it is great to see it coming together after so much work.

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