Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Covering the last bit of terrain

Almost all of the built up land forms or terrain on the Hot Springs Junction module were done with insulation board.  My techniques for doing this were covered in several previous posts.  This works great and is very light weight but sometimes you need hallow spaces inside the terrain for turnout motors.  There is a small area at the rear of the module where the Tortise turnout motors are mounted that has been left opened.   I am now ready to cover this area with built up terrain and am going to use the

Woodland Scenics plaster cloth supported by cardboard strips is a common method of building model railroad terrain but one that I had never worked with myself before.  I attached the cardboard strips to the surrounding insulation board and back profile board with hot glue.  Further temporary support was provided by crumbled newspaper.  The crumpled newspaper also served to protect the Tortise machines and wiring from any possible dripping plaster.

The cardboard strip webbing and the Tortise turnout motors are visible through the opening in back of module.  This opening will be covered by the sky board when the module is used in an Ntrak layout or by a removable fascia board when no sky board is desired.

I used 3 layers of plaster cloth to get the strength I wanted then also added some joint compound to blend things in with the rest of the hills.  I'm glad I finally got to try this method of building land forms.

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