Thursday, May 29, 2014

Scratch built platforms - Part 2

I had 4 new packages of the Plastruct HO scale ladder stock plus a few scraps that I air brushed Floquil engine black to match the hand railings on the small Green Max station.  Doing this at this point with the air brush would ensure that all the odd angles would get covered but there will still need to be some touch up by hand later.

The full sections were cut so that the joints would meet on one of the raised sections of the platform as shown in this photo.  Medium CA was used to make these bonds.

Once all of the hand rails were in place, I added an .040 half round all along on the top.  This was to add some strength to the joints and give it a more unified look.  This half round stock was bonded to railings with Plastruct solvent.

Here are the platforms after all of the half round tops of the railings and anyplace else that needed it had been touched up with a brush.

Next steps will include some yellow striping along the track side of the platforms and maybe some light posts or small shelters.

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