Monday, May 12, 2014

Painting the Green Max foot bridge

The same general color scheme that was used on the Green Max Station was used on this covered foot bridge.  Floquil Antique White for the walls and Oxide Red for the roofs were applied with an air brush.

There is a large amount of bracing that could have been painted as trim in a contrasting color but I decided not to thinking the railroad would not have done this due to cost.  I also plan to weather this structure and that should bring out the detail.

There are two protection plates that come with this kit.  I believe the purpose of these is to protect the structure itself from being hit by the electric wire.

These were brush painted Model Master Gull Gray before being installed on the structure.

The instructions seem to show these parts just being glued to the frame of the structure but on the front of the box the drawing shows them being suspended by wires and not actually touching the structure.  What I did to simulate this look was to make spacers from scraps of the column material and .060 x .020 styrene.  This was then glued to the bottom of the floor and a small space between the protection plate and the structure.

Before attaching the roofs, I brush painted the stairs with Floquil Concrete.  I only went about half way up the stairs as that is all that is going to show when the roof is on.

I've noticed recently that Testors has discontinued the entire Floquil Railroad Colors line so I'm going to have to find an alternative to their concrete colored paints that I've been using for many years.

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