Sunday, May 4, 2014

What's next for the Hot Springs Junction module ?

Every year in September for the past several years, either Peninsula Ntrak or AsiaNrail has had a layout at the annual Los Altos Train Days event.  We have again been invited and the plan is to do a combined layout this time.  This means my focus this summer will be to finish all the scenery on the Hot Springs Junction module.  Briefly, here is the list of the projects related to this module.
  • Finish the river scenery
  • Install permanent Ntrak tracks with concrete ties
  • Ballast all track and install overhead electric wire poles
  • Finish and install remaining retaining walls along Ntrak lines
  • Kit bash or scratch build platforms for station
  • Build covered overhead passenger bridge to connect platforms
  • Finish road bridge over river
  • Finish Hot Springs hotel scene

A multi-mode module

Additionally, after operating the module for over a week it became apparent that the module could also be in an AsiaNrail layout if legs were available to get it to the 51 inch height.  For the Hiller exhibit I had used the legs for my other 4ft Ntrak module so will be building some special legs for this module that  can be adjusted between Ntrak and AsiaNrail height.  Also, additional adapter modules would be needed to connect the mountain division lines to AsiaNrail modules.  I also borrowed the cover from the other module so I need to build another one of those as well.  In an AsiaNrail only layout, I would display the module without the sky board so need to add a fascia board to the back that will still allow the sky board to be attached for Ntrak layouts.

Plenty to keep me busy.

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