Thursday, May 1, 2014

We don't need no stinkin rail joiners !

I have long admired the modular N Scale layouts that have track that runs right up to the modules edge and don't require that a connecting section of track and rail joiners be installed at each module junction.

Ntrak and AsiaNrail standards use a set back of the track from the module edge and then a short section of flex or sectional track to connect modules. Installing these and their rail joiners is tedious and takes quite a bit of time during set up.

The Hot Springs junction module was going to need a special transition module to allow for mechanical connection to the AsiaNrail modules.  When I posted about building this small module I left off just before laying the track.   As these to modules would always have to be used together, I thought this would be a good place to try a joiner less track connection.

AsiaNrail uses Peco code 55 track, which has a code 80 sized rail embedded into the plastic molded ties.  This provides for a very stable rail.  Also, because there is only one track in this case, I am able to adjust the alignment of the modules to line up the rails.  I'm not so sure how well this would work on something like a multiple track staging yard.

When I installed the track I slightly rounded the top edges at the end of the rails.  This photo shows a closeup of this.

During the recent 8 day long run many 2 to 3 car trains passed over this joint and no derailments at all were reported.

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