Sunday, March 6, 2011

Paint & weathering for the Station

With everything settled on the platform I have gone on to painting and weathering the scratch built station along with the 3 modified Kato covered stairways. 

Here's a view from the other side that shows the weathering applied to the roofs of the station, the stairways, and the platform awnings. 

Notice the fence and walkway leading away from the stairs.  This will be right along the front edge of the module.  There will be passengers walking along there a perhaps some food cart vendors.

These station signs on the platforms were made on the computer and printed on white decal paper.  They are attached to the existing sign boards that hang down from the platform awning.

At this point the station and platform areas are done except for adding details and of course populating them with passengers.


  1. Great looking station. Its incredible how much better these structures can look through some really simple dis-assembly and some application of spray paint. Huge improvement over the basic kit! great color selection on yours by the way. I tend to think I overuse too many shades of grey with my buildings, but looking at your photos encourages me that grey is always a good choice for getting a realistic look!

  2. Thanks Jerry,

    I too notice that I use a lot of grays, especially on this project. When in doubt I get out the phototype photos or take another look at Google street view. In the case of the station, I am told by someone who has lived in the area her whole life that it was a gray color.