Monday, September 20, 2010

Wood, track, & Wiring

Between January and July of 2009 I built the 6ft module pair and leg system based upon a design used for lightweight modules in Peninsula Ntrak that have proven to be both durable and reasonably easy to handle over the past 15 years of use.  This design uses mostly 1/4 inch birch plywood.  I was able to purchase a pneumatic cabinet stapler and used this and yellow carpenters glue to assemble it.  The AsiaN Rail standard allows for any module depth so I made these 18 inches deep.

The track was laid out as a dual track line with crossovers at each end.  This will allow these modules to be used either as a dual track or single track with a passing siding.  The standard for AsiaN Rail is Peco code 55 and I used the concrete tie version with Micro Engineering code 55 turnouts for the crossovers.  Control of the turnouts is done with Tortoise motors mounted upside down on the surface of the modules and piano wire connecting rods running through Plastruct 1/8 inch square tubing to the turnouts.  The Tortoise motors will later be hidden by buildings.  Yes, there are going to be many buildings.

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