Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Finishing the Green Max houses

Back in the February 2011 post A row of Green Max houses I described how I had started to assemble some houses from Green Max kit # 34 to create a residental street scene toward the back of the modules.  A lot of small projects got started during that period that did not get fully finished as I was pushing to get the modules presentable for their first showing that July.  Now I am going back through these and completing them.  Here's how the row of houses came out.

Painting and adding details

There is nothing in English in the instructions on the back of the box but the pictures are good.

Green Max kits are like the American DPM buildings because all the windows and doors are molded on and must be painted by hand.  With patience, you can get some very good results.

Roofs and the separate detail parts can be painted separately then glued onto the building.

Weathering & windows

The separately painted details are added.  I use Bragdon's weathering powers to weather my buildings, using a brush with shortened bristles to make it stiff.  The clear plastic window material that came with the kit is cut to size and attached inside the buildings with Walther Goo. 

Then I draw simulated drapes and blinds on the computer using Microsoft Visio.   These are then cut out and attached to the inside of the windows with Scotch tape.

Completing the scene

So here are the three completed houses mounted on their base, more details added, and then the base mounted on the module. Here are the additional detail parts I used, see if you can find them all.
  • 3 parked bicycles from Gold Metal Models
  • A parked TomyTec car. 
  • 2 cats from Woodland Scenics "Dogs and Cats" set.
  • 2 potted plants from styrene tube and Woodland Scenics field grass.  I have no idea what type of plants these would be.
  • Street light from Kato Dio Town set
  • 3 TV antennas from Gold Metal Models. 
  • Back fence from Green Max kit # 47-7
  • Traffic mirror - scratch built, will be covered in a future post.
It has felt good to get something completed after a bit of a break and I still have more than half of Green Max kit # 34 left to use in future projects.


  1. Excellent work! The painting, finish, and details look great! I always get a bit overwhelmed with these kits with sprue's of multiple detail takes a certain level of tenacity to get them all painted correctly and then carefully add them to the structure!

    Also, glad to see another 'fan' of Walther's "Goo" glue, its just such a nice glue for hidden areas that I've started to use it in place of CA or plastic cement.

    Good work Brad!