Monday, October 21, 2013

Train room update

Have not been doing much with any of my Japanese module projects lately as I have been working to complete the new train room that I started last May and posted about in June.

As can be seen in this photo it's coming along. Recently I put in 3 LED lighting fixtures on the ceiling for room lighting.  They are the most practical LED lighting I have seen yet.  This photo was taken at night so no light was coming through the window and I did not use Photoshop lighten it.

There will also be additional under cabinet lighting and I'm planning to use LED for that as well.  Also recently I picked up a new compressor, proper drill press vise, and a nice butcher block workbench top all at bargain prices.  Before that I was able to get a gently used Micro Mark large spray booth and some N scale train display cases also at a bargain so upgrades to the new train room are coming along indeed.

Also a new feature I have added to the blog is the digital clock seen in the upper right corner that shows the current time in Tokyo.  It's provided free by  They have quite a few variations of clocks to use on web pages or blogs.

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  1. A solid plan of action for sure. Still moving forward "post-hollowdaze"? :)