Sunday, November 2, 2014

Finishing the Hot Springs hotel

In February 2013 I made a post titled "Building the TomyTec Hot Springs Hotel".   The building kit itself was quite simple and so much detail was already done that there was not much more to do on it.  In this post, it will install the building on the module and finish the surrounding scene.

I did not like the base that came with the kit, so did not use it and instead made a shallow pit for the building to fit into.  The pit is bordered by .040 styrene strip and styrene tiles for landings at the doorways.  The scenery will be built up to the top of the borders.

Here is the building installed in the pit base after the scenery is blended in around it as viewed from the front of the module.  Of course, there are still some details to add to the scene but now all the base scenery on the module is done.

A few vehicles and signs make the scene look more complete.  The snow plow is parked here for the summer but will be busy again next winter in the mountainous area.

Here is another shot of the front of the hotel without the green van so some of the details that came with the kit can be seen better.

The table and benches that came with the food vendor cart set are used here at the rear of the hotel building.

The road from the station up to Hot Springs hotel crosses the river on a narrow bridge.

The banner on the lamp post on the station platform reads "Welcome to Hot Springs".

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