Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Beyond the Palm Arcade

It's been way too long since I've added anything to the Tokyo in N Scale blog.  The modules are for using in a display layout and I have not had any opportunities recently to display the modules so my focus has been more on my home layout.  Hopefully I will get a chance to display the modules this year.

During our trip to Japan in November 2011, Nona and I took a walk all the way through the Palm Arcade to see what's on the other side.

This photo shows what it looks like at the far end of the Palm Arcade.  It has a structure very similar to the one at the station end.

We were surprised to find that the street itself continued on for as far as we could see and that it hosted a busy retail district of it's own.

Eventually we came upon this rail crossing and small station.  This is the Togoshi-ginza station on the Tokyu Ikegami line.  It's one of those old time small stations similar to Green Max station kit # 27.

It was another pleasant afternoon exploring Tokyo.


  1. Hi Brad.
    I had the chance to visit Japan for business on several occasions and found it a fascinating city. Have you made it to any train shops there? I got to The Tenshodo shop only once. Got to ride the bullet train to Hamamatsu from Tokyo and return and many local trains. Sorry I am not sure how to spell these anymore.

    1. Hi rod,

      Yes, I've been to quite a few train shops in Tokyo including Tenshodo and the Kato store. There is a link "shopping" in labels to blog posts I've made about those shopping trips. Your spelling of the names is right on. Next trip I hope to make to a Tomix store in Saitama that is near the new rail museum there.

  2. Man....so many details I'd love to include in my layout! hehehe I love that you post these. I really need to get over to Japan myself one day.
    Love the station, but I also love the small, packed streets with...STUFF all over. Stuff to sell, signage, people....
    Thanks for posting!Great reference!

    1. I think of this blog as my on line reference note book that I have gone back to many times when working on my modules. I think you would really like Japan and being to the cost of things in the Bay Area Tokyo does not seem too expensive.