Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mystery train identified

Awhile back I had posted about a brass set of Japanese passenger cars that I have and did not know anything about.  Thanks to Paul Ingraham of Sunnyvale, California I now know something about the prototype and the models.

Paul identified these as Endo models from the logo on the bottom of one of the cars.  He also knew that these models were of  Hankyu Railway cars.  Once I knew the name of the railroad and of the model company I was able to find out more about it on the web.

The Hankyu Railway is a non-JR private railroad that operates several lines around and between the cities of Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe.

This photo is of a Hankyu 6300 series train which is the closest to the models I have. 

From what I read on the web It seems that these had been in service from about the mid 1970's and taken out of service about a year ago.

I could not find any information about any Endo Models release of this model and indications are that Endo may no longer be making N scale trains.  Kato also has had a model of the Hankyu 6300 series trains and here is a photo of one of those.

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  1. Bit of a problem seeing you only got a 3 car set, and there are no pantographs :-)