Thursday, January 20, 2011

Progress on the arcade

Happy New Year,

After almost 2 months off from this project while I was catching up on some DCC decoders installations I've returned to work on the model of the entrance of the Palm Arcade which is a major landmark of Musashi-Koyama.

I've built the entrance as a combination of two modified Tomix corner buildings and several scratch built structures.

The various structures are each attached to a .020 styrene base with screws so they can be removed for painting, detailing, and any future repairs.

The basic arcade structure is complete and ready for paint.  As I do all of my airbrush painting outside in the garage and its still a bit cold and wet out I am going to set the arcade aside for the time being and move on to the next group of structures which is going to be just to the left of the Palm arcade entrance.

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