Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finishing the Aoshima Apartments

Here is the Aoshima Apartment Building at an almost completed state and mounted on the left module.  Looks a little lonely right now but more buildings are coming.

Oops !, looks like I have lost one of the brown colored rail pieces on the lower right.  Hope it turns up or I'll have to make one. 

The base that comes with this kit seems way too thick.  I was able to compensate for this by cutting out part of the 1/8 inch cork that I have on top of the module then setting the building in as shown in this photo.

This is a view down a typically narrow street that parallels the railroad track with a wall between  the tracks and the street.

With all of it's balconies and exposed stairwells, this building is great for creating those moment frozen in time mini-scenes.  It's a part of model building that I enjoy and I've created a few of those.

In this photo a woman is seen carrying a bag of groceries up the stairs.  There is no elevator at the Aoshima Apartments and  maybe shes thinking the next apartment she rents will have to have one.

Here's someone exiting the building talking on a cell phone.  The item seen hanging over the rail of the 2nd floor on the left hand side is a futon.  Several of these come with this kit.      

In each entry there is a set of mail boxes that I am looking for just the right figure to place in front of.

This is really a great kit and it's been fun to build.  While I built this one very much straight out of the box I've got plans for another building using two of these kits that will be very much a kit bash.

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  1. Nice work Brad! I agree, the base on this building is a bit strange, not really sure how its supposed to be used, but I ended up not using them at all. Love your 'moment frozen in time' perspective...I completely agree. Not everything needs to be moving or animated to accurately reflect reality, and just the hint of someone in the stairwell is very realistic.