Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tempoary Ghost Buildings

With only 5 weeks before the first exhibit of the Musashi-Koyama modules it's time to focus on making them presentable for that show in their not yet finished state.  Most of the scenes towards the front of the modules are completed and its the large number of structures in the back half that still need so much work. Its those areas where temporary finishes will have to do for now.

This area at the left end of the module set had a styrene box that hid two switch machines.  Eventually I want to build a nice complex of buildings here but for now I created some paper buildings using Microsoft Visio and pasted them onto the box.

I don't want to have any white styrene showing. This is the entrance to the Palm Arcade as it is now.  All parts that were not already painted got a coat of Floquil CN gray.

Kato and Tomix built up buildings will be temporarily set in the spots where there are no permanent buildings and of course the addition of vehicles and people will help.


  1. Nice job on the paper buildings! A great idea! Of course, I don't exhibit my layout, but these turned out so well, there just might be a place for paper buildings like this in the future (in the background of course).

  2. Do you perhaps still have the drawings of those buildings somewhere? Thanks in advance!

    1. Yes I do and what I plan to do is to put a new page with links to these and other graphics I have been using. Thank you for the suggestion.