Saturday, November 17, 2012

Building a girder bridge - part 2

To install the bridge decking, I used .040 x .060 styrene strips (Evergreen P/N 143) side by side with the wider side horizontal starting on the line marking the outer edge of the track.  It ended up taking 14 courses to make it all the way across to the line marking the inner edge track line.  The overall width of the deck was just a bit wider that the ties of the track.  I used a test section of Peco code 55 flex track to check the layout of the deck.

As the deck ended up being wider than the ties, I put another peice of .040 x .60 strip on each side on top of the first layer.  This created a pocket that the flex track will fit into to.

To get the hand rails similar to the prototype photo in part 1, I used the Plastruct N scale handrails, P/N 90681.  It took a full section on each side plus part of a third section.   These are the same product used in the Exterior Stairways post back in April of 2011.

I ended up using Floquil # F110056  GN Big Sky Blue as a close match to the bridge in the photo in part one.  It took two coats with the airbrush to cover all the little odd angles of the bridge structure.

After the blue had dried overnight, I brushed Floquil # 110070 Roof Brown on the decking and Floquil # 110007 Rail Brown on the walkways.  In this photo again I have placed a section of Peco code 55 flex track.

This bridge is now done except for some weathering.  The Hot Spring Junction module will need at least 2 more railroad bridges.  I want to have them each be different and will be looking at some more on-line photos of prototype Japanese railroad bridges.

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