Monday, January 7, 2013

Building a small Green Max station

Cold, wet weather has been keeping me from spending much time out in the garage where the work was on the foam insulation board scenery was taking place on the Hot Springs Junction Module.  As I also need a few structures for this module, I decided that it would be enjoyable to spend some indoor time building a nice Green Max structure kit.

Green Max #27 is very similar to many small train stations  that serve outlaying areas or secondary rail lines.

I picked up this kit at TamTam in Tokyo during my November 2011 trip.

The instructions for the Green Max kits are on the back of the box and are in Japanese.

The illustrations are good and use numbers that match the numbers on the spues.

Unlike the Green Max houses and Green Max stores where I made some modifications, I plan to build this one just as instructed.

The Green Max kits that I have assembled have always had very clean parts and never any flash that needed to be trimmed.

At the last train show I attended I finally purchased a proper spue cutter so my cuts on this one hopefully also wont need much trimming.

I used the base to align the station walls while gluing the walls together but will leave the base unglued as I plan to paint it separately   On these Green Max kits there is normally a lot of detail that needs to be hand painted after the structure is given a base color which is usually done with an air brush.

The way this building is laid out, I decided to leave two outer walls of the building loose so I could get to the details on the inner walls.

To be continued


  1. A nice little station building! These Greenmax kits are simple but well-designed. Good job on the step-by-step too!

    1. Yes, after building a few I've really come to appreciate them. I see from you blog, you've had some experience with them too. Good work !