Friday, March 21, 2014

Bridges for the Ntrak lines - Part 2

I was happy with this but still needed to come up with some sort of simple bridge abutments. What I did was to got back to the .250 x .125 styrene strip and cut off more pieces the same length as had been used for the horizontal beams on the bents.   These were glued in an upside down L shape as can be seen in the photo below.

To attach the abutments, I cut a small opening in the side of the hill and glue the abutment in with Liquid Nails adhesive.  The abutment is held to the bridge with alligator clips until the adhesive has set.

At this point all of the bridge parts were painted with Floquil concrete at the air brush with the abutments being painted on site.  As the module is on wheels I was able to roll it right over the the spray booth to do that.  This was the first time I got to use the air brush with the new compressor and spray booth so that itself is a big step and big improvement over the old setup.

After painting, I glued the the trestles in place using the Liquid Nails.  A number of methods shown in this photo are used to hold the bents in alignment with everything else while the adhesive sets.

The clamp is holding 2 bamboo skewers under the bridge which are also under the beams on the bents.  The V shaped clamps on either side of the bridge are made from coat hanger metal and are holding the bents against the ends of the horizontal beams in the center span of the bridge.   Bamboo skewers and coat hangers are always something handy to keep around.

Next I'll need to get the river bed scenery done under where the bridges will be before I can do the final installation of the bridges.

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