Friday, March 28, 2014

Abutments for the girder bridge

Over a year ago I had built a girder bridge to carry the AsiaNrail line over the 3 Ntrak lines.  The building of this bridge was presented in a couple of posts in November 2012.  The time is now getting close to actually installing this bridge on the module.

The wood structure that will support the code 55 AsiaNrail line and this bridge is already in place and the next step will be to finish off the abutments.

The sides of the abutments are covered with .020 plain polystyrene sheet.  I used Liquid Nails adhesive and clamp the sides as shown here until the adhesive had set.

The ends of the abutments are also covered with .020 polystyrene attached with Liquid Nails.

The method I use to secure it until it's set is shown here.  Handy things, coat hangers.

I find it really difficult to get a good corner where the polystyrene meets so I use angle strip material to cover the corner seams.

Also, I added a section of 1/4 inch gray plastic material with the bottom portion cut at a 45 degree angle to each abutment.  This is what the bridge will actually rest upon.

These are now ready for painting with Floquil concrete color paint.

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