Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Installing the grider bridge

Now that the abutments are ready it's time to actually install the bridge.  I have noticed that most girder bridges and through truss bridges don't rest directly on their abutments.  They often have a footing of some sort but this is almost always left off on models.

I modeled this look by attaching an I beam across and under the the girders at each end of the bridge and painted them to match the bridge.

Then the completed bridge with it's footings was attached to abutments with the E6000 adhesive that I've been using for many things now.

Here is the completed installation with the track installed.  While I use white glue to attach track to road bed, on the bridge deck I used the E6000.

Because the bridge is close to the end of the module, the Ntrak tracks end right under it.

This will require just a bit more care when installing the connecting tracks during layout setup.

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