Sunday, April 20, 2014

Train's N Planes exhibition

Between April 12th and 19th, 2014 Hot Springs Junction module was used for the first time in a joint Ntrak / AsiaNrail layout.  As an 8 day long exhibition this was a real good test of the track work and of the concepts of using the junction.  Besides Paul and myself running our Asia trains, we had several other friends and members of Peninsula Ntrak stop by to help run the layout and also brought trains to run so we had quite a variety of equipment represented.

The AsiaNrail part of the layout had three branches that connected with a wye junction in the middle.  The branch going to the Hot Springs Junction module was the shortest branch.  On the last day of running before the crowds came, I got this overhead view from the 2nd floor.

Prior the this layout Paul had rebuilt all of the track work on his wye module which was over 30 years old.  The scenery on this module is on removable plates so it's position can be changed from show to show.

Scenery on the Hot Springs Junction module is far from being completed and some things were done in a temporary fashion for this show.  Now that the module has been tested I feel I can enjoy finishing the scenery.

Including the station on the Hot Springs Junction module, there were a total of 5 passenger stations on the AsiaNrail layout.   One at the end of each branch line plus another in the middle of each of the longer branches.

The Hot Springs hotel building was set in the general area that it goes for this show.  With the other members of Peninsula Ntrak seeing the module for a week, I received lots of good ideas on how to finish some of the scenes on the module.

All of the track work both on the AsiaNrail / Mountain Division line and the temporary main Ntrak lines preformed perfectly.

Here my 485 type train is seen leaving Hot Springs Junction and passing over the Ntrak lines on the girder bridge.

Hopefully the next time this module is shown, the scenery will be completed.

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