Friday, March 31, 2017

Starting the subway construction scene

One of the central features of the Musashi-Koyama module set is all the construction going on in the area around the station for the new subway.  Up to now this had only been represented on the modules as an opening in the surface and a few trucks parked behind some construction fencing.  I thought it was about time to start to make this scene more complete.

A box was made from .030 styrene to fit into the hole. This can be removed as needed to work on it at the bench.  One of the  be two climbing tower cranes on the site is also seen in this photo.  More on those in a future post.
Across the street from the subway station construction site I am creating a support area  This would be a fenced in area where materials could be stored, vehicles and equipment parked.

The subway station construction scene will be a large project that has several aspects to it.  This is just the start and there will be follow-up posts as it progresses.


  1. That looks awesome Brad. I hope to see you and Paul at the Hiller Avation Museum Trains Exhibit.


  2. Thanks guys, Junior I think you will notice some changes since last fall and hopefully the passing siding works for us this time.