Sunday, October 10, 2010

Attaching Buildings

I have been working on attaching these buildings to the modules.

It's an advantage to attach as many structures as possible on a module so they don't have to be placed on the module when setting up.  I use a couple of different methods and here is one of them. 

On a structure with a solid base and that is being placed on a flat, solid module surface I drill and tap holes through the base of the structure before attaching the roof.  I then screw in long screws matching the size of the tapped holes.  In this case I used 4-40 screws.

When the holes are in the structure base but before the screws are installed, I place the structure in it's spot on the module and mark where the holes line up on the module base.  Then I drill holes through the module base slightly larger than the screws. 

Then the structure can be placed on the module base and secured with nuts.  I use threaded nylon spacers like these because they can be worked by hand, they grip and don't come loose, and they are light weight.

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