Sunday, October 21, 2012

Building the AsiaNrail line

In the past week I did manage to get out to the garage a few times and continue with the bench work phase of this project.  I did install the cork roadbed on the Mountain Division and AsiaNrail lines so I could better finalize the track plan.  I decided on the more conservative single crossover between the lines so that I could allow for a wider radius curve on the AsiaNrail line and for a longer platform siding at the station.  Also started on the fascia on the sides and the front of the module.

This view from the front of the module shows how I placed the piers to support the AsiaNrail line as it diverges from the Ntrak Mountain Division line.

The piers are made from 1/2 inch plywood and attached to the module base with screws and then the AsiaNrail lines sub-road bed is attached with pneumatic cabinet nails.  Of course yellow carpenters glue is also used in both places.

Here's a view from the other direction and the AsiaNrail is seen passing over the Ntrak main lines being represented at this point by three black marker lines.

Also seen here is some of the front fascia board.  I'll talk more about that in the next post.

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