Sunday, October 28, 2012

Installing profile boards

As this module is going to have terrain above the level of the main bench work, I felt it necessary to install fascia or profile boards above the main bench work.   If the module were being built from scratch as a mountain division module, then the framework of the module could have been designed with this in mind but since this is an old flat module, these will need to be retro fitted.

First step is to cut out the pieces needed and shape the contours.  I used 1/4 inch plywood that was left over from building the light weight sky board for this module.

Before placing the profile boards, I installed a strip of 1/4 inch plywood as showed in this photo.  In some places on taller sections, a brace can be added to help strengthen  and hold the alignment.  Everything is glued with yellow carpenters glue.

In the case of a module like this one, it is important to get the new profile boards on the ends in alignment vertically with the existing module frame.

Later, I'll seal both the insides and outsides of these profiles boards to seal them.  Then the terrain on the inside will be filled out with layers of foam insulation board.

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